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Vermouth? Simply, it’s wine with a bunch of botanicals infused in it (most importantly Wormwood).  Its history is long, with evidence of wormwood infused wine dating back to 1500BC, due to the belief it could cure a myriad of ailments.

Vermouth is French for the German word Wermut (Wormwood) and while wormwood wines may have been around in Germany & Hungary since the 16th Century, it was the Italians and French who turned it in to the must have aperitif at the fashionable cafes of the 18th century.

When the fashion for Vermouth hit American shores it produced some of the most well known cocktails of today.  While great in a cocktail, at our CBD bar and restaurant we love the idea of bringing back the days of sipping it served simply over ice or tall with tonic.

Our list showcases some of our favourites, along with suggestions on how best to enjoy them.

Feeling nervous? Try a Rosso & Soda, you can’t go wrong. Failing that there’s plenty of cocktails & wine to be drunk in the pages that follow. Whatever your choice of beverage, we hope you enjoy.